Strategy Development

Bernard Marr helps companies and government organisations develop their strategies and create single page strategy maps that outline the key strategic goals from the ultimate performance goals to the critical enablers of success.

Based on a set of executive and stakeholder interviews, as well as a full analysis of the strategic context, Bernard Marr is able to develop best-in-class strategies that have complete buy-in and align every part of the organisation behind a single vision.



Bernard Marr has helped to develop strategies for leading companies and government organisations across most industries from financial services to manufacturing, and retail to public sector organisations. Some recent examples include T-Mobile, United Nations, Shell, Mars, the Royal Air Force, Orange, Bank of Ireland, as well as police forces, NHS trusts, regulators, media companies, education providers and many others.

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Bernard Marr has advised many of the world's best-known companies and government organisations - and would be happy to consider helping your business, too.

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