Big Data in Practice - Workshop

This course is about getting a complete overview of how big data and analytics are used in practice – across all industries and business sectors. It can cover the use of big data in services companies, retail, banking and financial services firms, manufacturing, social media, gaming, software, government, as well as in science, art, music, sports, media, fashion, any many others.

This course will give companies a full appreciation of the scale of the big data transformation that is taking place and will provide delegates with many fresh ideas and an understanding of the opportunities and challenges that come with it.



We will be looking at big data case studies from leading tech brands like Facebook, Google or Apple, more traditional businesses like Walmart, Disney and Rolls Royce, government organisations, as well as innovative start-ups and small and medium sized companies.

This course makes a great board and senior executive session, in-company town hall session or customised program for specific business units. It can also be delivered as part of internal leadership development programmes.

As with all our courses, the course content will be customised to your exact needs, can be delivered in a format that best suits you, targeted to any level in the organisation, and can take place on your premises or at any convenient off-site location of your choice.

Key Topics
• The global data explosion
• Big Data
• Analytics
• Big data use cases
• Competing on data
• Big Data across sectors
• Best practice case studies

Course Objectives / Learning Outcomes

• Understand the global business transformation triggered by big data
• See how big data and analytics will change every business, in every industry
• Understand the 5 lenses through which to look at big data
• Learn about best practice Big Data use cases from world leading companies from around the world

No specific knowledge or skills are required prior to taking part in this course.

Bernard Marr has delivered customised training courses for many of the world's best-known brands - and would be happy to consider delivering training for your business, too.

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