KPIs: Finding The Right Metrics For Your Business - Workshop

This course is about learning how to identify and embed a set of relevant and meaningful performance indicators for your organisation. Even though Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance metrics are among the world’s most popular management tools, the vast majority of organisations have poor metrics and fail to turn their measures into relevant insights or decisions.



Most performance reports or KPI dashboards in use today contain a large amount of metrics that were developed over time often with little thought to whether they are key or how they might help anyone to monitor and improve performance. Many existing sets of metrics reflect data demands of disparate stakeholders rather than the strategic information needs of an organisation.

What’s more, the way we can measure performance and track progress has changed beyond recognition over the past few years and the amount of data available to organisations has exploded. The sheer volume and complexity of data we can now use to measure every aspects of performance carries both risks and opportunities. People in most businesses tend to drown in data while thirsting for insights.

The right KPIs provide decision-makers with powerful navigation instruments that give them a clear understanding of business performance and help to inform strategic decision-making. Identifying the critical few measures for your business has never been more important than today. This course will show you how to identify KPIs that really matter to your business.

This course is particularly relevant for boards and senior executive teams as well as for internal performance and analytics teams. It can also be delivered as a customised program for specific business units or as part of internal leadership development programmes.

As with all our courses, the course content will be customised to your exact needs, can be delivered in a format that best suits you, targeted to any level in the organisation, focused on commercial companies, government organisations or not-for-profits, and can take place on your premises or at any convenient off-site location of your choice.

Key Topics
• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Performance metrics
• Best practice examples
• Leading and lagging indicators
• Key Performance Questions
• KPI Dashboards
• KPI design template
• Embedding KPIs

Course Objectives
• Understand the importance of KPIs in modern organisations
• See where organisations are getting it wrong
• Learn how to identify the strategic information needs in your organisation
• Understand how to use questions to guide the KPI design process
• Learn best practice KPI design principles
• See some of the most innovative ways to measure performance
• Understand how to deliver real value from measuring performance
• Learn how to set targets and benchmarks for your KPIs
• See how to identify the few really important metrics for your business
• Understand how some of the world’s best organisation are measuring their performance

Learning Outcomes
• Understand the critical role of KPIs in monitoring and improving business performance
• Learn how to develop meaningful and relevant KPIs that really matter for your business
• Get an overview of new and innovative ways to measure business performance
• Appreciate how the big data explosion is changing the way we measure our businesses
• Learn how to use Key Performance Questions to identify KPIs
• See how to link KPIs to strategy and key business goals
• Understand the role of Balanced Scorecards, strategy maps and performance dashboards
• Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of measuring performance
• See how successful companies are using KPIs to drive business performance

No specific knowledge or skills are required prior to taking part in this course.

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