Data Visualisation: Effectively Communicating And Reporting Information - Workshop

This course is about learning how to successfully visualise and communicate data to inform decision-making. Data and metrics are the life-blood of modern organisations, enabling decision-makers to gain new insights, better understand performance, and monitor progress. However, in order for this to happen, the data has to be presented in a way that is easy to understand and allows decision-makers to actually grasp the meaning and insights.

This course provides an overview of the latest principles, tools and techniques for effective data communication. The course will cover the importance for creating stories from data and will provide practical insights into how we best communicate and visualise those data stories using graphs, narratives and headlines. We will cover best practice design tips for graphs, charts, information dashboards and performance reports.

It is an ideal course for in-house analysts, performance and data science teams.

As with all our courses, the course content will be customised to your exact needs, can be delivered in a format that best suits you, targeted to any level in the organisation, and can take place on your premises or at any convenient off-site location of your choice.



Key Topics
• Information communication
• Data visualisation
• Storytelling
• Reporting
• Dashboards
• Graphs
• Charts

Course Objectives
• Understand the importance of effective data story telling
• See where organisations are getting it wrong
• Learn best practice data communication and graph and chart design
• Understand how to choose the right chart for the right purpose, including pie charts, bar graphs, scatter plots, line graphs, bullet graphs, speedometer dials, etc.
• Understand how to design effective reports and dashboards
• See how effective data storytelling leads to improved decision-making

Learning Outcomes
• The latest tools and trends for effective information communication
• How to design and present graphs and charts to maximise their impact
• Visual story-telling: using visuals and narratives to tell engaging data stories
• Developing and structuring performance reports and dashboards

No specific knowledge or skills are required prior to taking part in this course.

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