Big Data & Business Analytics - how data will transform our world

Venue details: London
Date & time: 18/12/2018 9:00 - 17:00

Discover how big data and analytics are transforming our world and every business and organisation within it. As we are entering the fourth industrial revolution, data is quickly becoming one of the most important assets for companies and government organisations alike. Used well, data and analytics will help improve decision making, transform the ways we do business and drive future performance.

Data and analytics will increasingly be recognised as one of the most important drivers of business success. The programme will examine:

  • what is big data?
  • the big data revolution
  • sources of big data
  • using structured vs. unstructured data
  • how to collect internal and external data
  • the key ways to leverage big data in any organisation
  • how organisations could derive value from data
  • the fundamentals of business analytics
  • how has data analytics changed over recent years?
  • the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
  • how to identify the areas where you can apply analytics strategically in your business?
  • analytics as a source of competitive advantage
  • using analytics to better understand customer and market trends
  • improving and automating business process using analytics and AI
  • how analytics can improve the decision-making processes across the business
  • developing an analytical culture to deliver organisational success
  • interesting real world examples of how companies are successfully using analytics to improve business performance
  • learn about the most innovative ways companies use artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning today

Learning outcomes include obtaining:

A complete and up-to-date overview of what big data and analytics are today and how they will transform our organisations and every function within them. Participants will discover:

  • why big data analytics and AI are at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution that will transform every organisation
  • how big data and analytics are used to transform every function in any business
  • how big data and analytics are used today to improve decision-making, improve key business processes and drive business performance
  • practical examples of how companies and governments are using big data today
  • how to apply data and analytics strategically without getting lost in the hype
  • the principles of how to get started with big data and analytics
  • how artificial intelligence and machine learning are pushing big data and analytics into even more innovative areas

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