Big Data: The Information Revolution And Your Business - Workshop

This course is about learning how big data and analytics are used in practice, in your industry, and how your organisation can start benefiting from it. Big Data is currently completely transforming our world and the way business operate and compete. The big data explosion we are experiencing means that every business, in every sector, is now a data business.

The amount of data now available to businesses and governments together with ever-improving ways to analyse that data are mind-boggling. The implications for companies, government agencies and individuals are far-reaching. This course will help open people’s eyes to the scale of the change big data will bring and explore the opportunities and challenges for their business.



This course provides an overview of what big data is today, how it is evolving, how it feeds the digital transformation and why it is one of today’s most valuable business resources. The aim of this course is to make the big data transformation relevant to your company and your industry by looking at industry specific examples and by identifying key big data opportunities within your business.

This course is particularly relevant for boards and senior executive teams, but can also be delivered as an in-company town hall session, or customised program for specific business units or as part of internal leadership development programmes.

As with all our courses, the course content will be customised to your exact needs, can be delivered in a format that best suits you, targeted to any level in the organisation, and can take place on your premises or at any convenient off-site location of your choice.

Key Topics
• The data explosion
• Big Data
• Analytics
• Big data use cases
• Competing on data
• Big Data in your sector
• Big Data in your business

Course Objectives / Learning Outcomes

• Understand the transformation triggered by big data
• See how big data and analytics will change your industry and business
• Understand the 5 strategic applications of big data in organisations
• Learn how to develop a big data strategy for your business
• Identify big data use cases for your business
• See practical use cases from leading companies from around the world

No specific knowledge or skills are required prior to taking part in this course.

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