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23 Sentences Our Grandchildren Won’t Believe We Said

2 July 2021

Even though there are always things that one generation can’t fathom from the realities of the generation who came before them, the rate of technological change occurring now just might make our grandchildren wonder how we ever survived. They certainly won’t believe us when we share these sentences, because technology will likely make these sentences no longer part of our grandchildren’s reality.

Moving Around Town

  1. “I will drive my car.”

Only very few, if any, people will own their own cars when our grandchildren are adults. And, most cars will be autonomous so humans won’t drive them even if they have them.

  1. “I had a car accident.”

Since cars will be autonomous, car accidents will no longer occur. Volvo believes their fleet will be injury-proof by 2020.

  1. “Let me call a cab.”

Do what? We will use an app to summon a self-driving car or passenger drone to get us where we need to go.

  1. “Where did I park my car?”

Again, there won’t be an “my” car in the future, and queuing stages will replace parking lots.

Daily Life

  1. “What do we need at the grocery store?”

First, your refrigerator and cabinets will automatically track what supplies you’re out of or need to whip up dinner. Also, grocery stores will be a thing of the past. In fact, your smart kitchen will likely just order what you need and it will be delivered to your door.

  1. “My dishwasher is broken.”

Home appliances will identify issues and call for repairs before a break down ever occurs and without you even knowing about it.

  1. “I burned the chicken.”

Ruining dinner will be impossible, because sensors in ovens will monitor our food as it bakes and adjust the temperature or turn off the oven before anything burns. You might not even need to follow a recipe in the future because your kitchen appliances will do it all for you.

  1. “Who’s got the remote?”

All devices in the home will be voice-activated or controlled through a virtual/augmented reality headset.

  1. “They don’t have my size.”

Not only will ANY size be available, your grandchildren will be able to have custom-made shoes and clothes made through scans and 3D printing devices.

  1. “It’s trash day.”

Smart trash cans will signal trash companies they need to be emptied.

  1. “Just a bunch of junk mail.”

Instead of having to go through your mail, your smart mailbox will organize bills from junk mail and signal to you that there’s something that needs your attention.

  1. “How many calories is this?”

You will be able to set up a healthy menu plan and with the use of smart plates, bowls and cups you will always know exactly what you eat and drink.

  1. “I’ll write a check.”

There will be biometric payment systems that use your fingerprint, face ID or iris scan to complete transactions.

For Fun

  1. “We’re going to Disneyland.”

Nope! You won’t even need to leave home to experience the thrills of a theme park thanks to VR experiences.

  1. “I couldn’t get tickets to the ballgame.”

Sold-out events won’t be a problem with live broadcasts of sporting event through virtual reality.

  1. “The fireworks are being shot from over there.”

Drones will change what we’ve come to expect in a fireworks display expanding the possibilities for their design and change the way they are made.

  1. “Go ask the neighbors if they have anything on this scavenger hunt list.”

Drones will make 3D scavenger hunts fun for people of all ages!

  1. “Let’s watch a drama.”

Artificial intelligence will guide your movie, TV and music selections based on how you’re feeling that day, ratings and your preferences, and you won’t really even need to think about it.


  1. “I lived with my undetected heart condition for more than 10 years.”

We’re on the cusp of this innovation now where smartwatches and ingestible sensors will detect things like heart conditions and much more.

  1. “I’m going to the doctor for a physical.”

Full-body scans with AI doctors will manage your annual physicals while checkups are done with physicians on video chat or virtual reality.

  1. “I need to get a new crown.”

No longer will there be long waits in the dentist office, but 3D printers will be able to print replacement teeth right inside your mouth.


  1. “The soldiers were deployed and encountered enemy fire.”

Wars won’t be fought with humans anymore, but with robots, machines and algorithms.

  1. “I can’t wait to have this best-selling author sign my copy of her book.”

Artificial intelligence will author some of the future’s best-selling books.

Many of these might feel exciting and scary at an equal measure. Let me know what you would add to my list.

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