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Data Strategy Course

Learn How to Maximize the Value of Data Develop the data-driven mindset that will enable you to anticipate customer needs, provide more intelligent services and products, and achieve desired business outcomes. Beginner-Friendly Curriculum Designed with your Practical Needs in Mind Learn in-demand skills with a structured course that prepares you for the world of data science as it is today. Data Strategy Packed with real-world scenarios and case studies, this course provides you with the context you need to turn data into [...]

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The 6 Biggest Data Strategy Mistakes Every Company Must Avoid

Every business is now a data business. Data is a key strategic asset today whether you’re a large international conglomerate or a locally owned, family-run business. If you don’t have an effective data strategy—or one at all—your company is missing out on the huge potential business value data offers. To help you get on the right track and avoid common pitfalls, here are the 6 biggest data strategy mistakes every company must avoid.    Starting with an outdated business strategy  The world is changing quickly and a business strategy that hasn’t evolved to be relevant for the 4th Industrial Revolution won’t be [...]

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How To Develop A Data Strategy – With Handy Template

In a previous article, I looked at data use cases – or working out how you want to use data in your business.   Once you know how you want to use data, your next task is to turn that into a data strategy. This article – and the accompanying Data Strategy Template (see figure below) – is designed to help you cement your data priorities, and identify cross-cutting issues, themes, requirements and goals … all on one handy page.   It’s a good idea to have the Data Strategy Template open  [Download it from here]  while you read this article, as I’ll refer to it throughout. Start with your data use cases If you haven’t done so [...]

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What is an enterprise data strategy?

Every organisation, no matter the size or industry, must have a data strategy in place. Here we discuss how to create an effective enterprise data strategy. If a business is going to be run in a smart way, it must be guided by strategy and data. Whether your organisation is Google-sized or family-run, all companies in all industries must therefore develop a data strategy to be successful. It's one thing to know you need one, and it's another to understand what should be considered and included in an effective data strategy. Instead of leaving this important task to chance, read [...]

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What Is A Big Data Strategy?

Data has become one of the most important business assets, and a company without a data strategy is unlikely to get the most out of their data resources. Here we look at the essential elements of a big data strategy and provide useful templates to keep you on track.     Big Data, and data in general, has become one of the most important business assets and is a critical component that drives global digital transformation which includes the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other new technologies. In order to ensure companies get the best value out of their [...]

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Why every business needs a data and analytics strategy

As the world becomes smarter and smarter, data becomes the key to competitive advantage, meaning a company’s ability to compete will increasingly be driven by how well it can leverage data, apply analytics and implement new technologies. In fact, according to the International Institute for Analytics, by 2020, businesses using data will see $430 billion in productivity benefits over competitors who are not using data. So, it’s clear that data is now a key business asset, and it’s revolutionising the way companies operate, across most sectors and industries. In effect, every business, regardless of size, now needs to be a [...]

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How Do You Develop A Data Strategy? Here’re 6 Simple Steps That Will Help

Whether you’re a big data giant like Facebook or Google, or a small, family-run business, all smart business starts with strategy. And these days, every company, big or small, in any industry, needs a solid data strategy. There are millions of ways data can help a business but, broadly speaking, they fall into two categories: one is using data to improve your existing business and how you make business decisions. The second is using data to transform your day-to-day business operations. In practice, most companies start out wanting to improve their decision making and take it from there. However, if [...]

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7 Things Every Business Must Include In A Data Strategy

Data matters to every business. So it follows that every business needs a data strategy. As a strategic business and technology advisor, not only have I written the book on data strategy (literally), I’ve helped many of the world's most successful organizations create one. In this article, I share my pearls of wisdom on how to create a winning data strategy – i.e., a strategy for using data in the best way for your business. So what should you include in your data strategy? When I work with a company to develop its data strategy, we look at the following seven areas: Business [...]

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Why Every Company Needs A Data Strategy

Data matters to any company, regardless of size, sector or type. In fact, data is one of your biggest business assets, alongside your products, services, intellectual property, and people. But to get the most out of data, it's vital you have a data strategy in place. Focusing your data efforts where it matters most Technology is developing so fast these days, many businesses – particularly smaller and mid-sized companies – feel like they’re struggling to keep up. Sometimes, this leads the company to dive eagerly into new data opportunities, investing in new technologies and fancy analytics that aren’t right for [...]

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How To Develop A HR Data Strategy: Here Are 6 Simple Steps

Data-driven HR is an exciting, fast-developing field that can transform every aspect of human resources. But, in order to  get the most out of data,  it’s vital every HR team maps  out a clear data strategy that links to wider operational objectives and demonstrates how HR will contribute to those objectives. Why every HR team needs a data strategy Data-driven HR isn’t about capturing data on everything in the organisation that lives, breathes and moves. It’s about using data in the smartest possible ways. It’s about using the insights that you glean from data to continually improve decisions, better understand [...]

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