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Balanced Scorecard Consulting For All

2 July 2021

Balanced scorecard consultants can deliver results for any size or type of organisation – and here’s the proof.

An expert, committed balanced scorecard consultancy will be able to deliver results to any kind of organisation – and to any size of business.

That’s the message for anyone thinking of working with a balanced scorecard consulting partner to make organisational excellence part and parcel of their everyday working.

A look at the case studies on the Advanced Performance Institute’s website reveals the breadth of their balanced scorecard consulting work.

Balanced scorecard consulting helps the RAF fly

For example, there is a report on their balanced scorecard consulting work with the Royal Air Force. The balanced scorecard consultants implemented a strategic performance management system – and the case study outlines how a scorecard reporting approach was designed and put in place.

In particular, the study highlights the importance of integrating performance management with risk management as part of a wider balanced scorecard approach. It discusses the problem of objective versus subjective measurement, and it outlines the challenges of automating the system using a custom-built performance management software application.

Belfast City Council’s balanced scorecard consulting

Another balanced scorecard consulting case study illustrates the API’s work with Belfast City Council – a much smaller organisation than the RAF, with a very different mission.

The work with the council involved strategy mapping, one of the more recent developments to come out of balanced scorecards which consultants should be familiar with. The balanced scorecard consulting included helping politicians and public servants agree on one strategy and map it into a value creation map, which was then used to identify and agree on priorities. 

The balanced scorecard consultants then worked with the customer to design relevant and meaningful key performance indicators; and helped put processes in place to ensure performance information is used to extract management insights and inform learning and future performance improvements. 

Balanced scorecard consulting and the Scottish Intellectual Assets Centre

On a smaller scale still, the API did balanced scorecard consulting work with the Scottish Intellectual Assets Centre. The work was about managing and measuring intangibles and performance managment in SMEs.

The case study outlines how the Intellectual Assets Centre and their balanced scorecard consulting partner visualised their strategy with all its intangible value drivers and identified key performance questions and key performance indicators to help them better manage their intangibles going forward.

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