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Balanced Scorecard Software – From The Military To Healthcare

2 July 2021

Balanced Scorecard Software is used by a wide variety of businesses and industries including defence, biotechnology, retail, charities and the public sector.

Balanced Scorecard Software is used across the board from governmental bodies and the Royal Air Force to blue chip companies such as Barclays bank and medium-sized firms and charities. Balanced Scorecard Software is invaluable. The origin of the balanced scorecard dates back to just 15 years ago when Robert S Kaplan and David P Norton wrote about the idea of measuring performance in the Harvard Business Review. What the two academics wrote has been adopted and utilised in organisations and businesses of all types and sizes all over the world. The advance in IT and the internet meant Balanced Scorecard Software was the next natural progression.

Balanced Scorecard Software Evolves

Balanced Scorecard Software gives organisations the ability to easily measure performance on a much wider spectrum then ever before. It’s no wonder then that the invention of the Balanced Scorecard is hailed as one of the leading management ideas in recent history – it’s estimated that 40% of companies in Europe use them.

Desktop Dashboards – Balanced Scorecard Software

Desktop dashboards and being able to configure software to suit the organisation in question has made Balanced Scorecard Software sought after. However, it’s important you choose the right software package for your company. Balanced Scorecard Software allows users to look quickly at performance information at different levels, helping managers determine areas for improvement. Balanced Scorecard Software offers organisations solutions to optimise their performance, helping maximise revenue, cut costs, improve customer care, streamline operations and simply inform managers to make better decisions.

In the Army Now

The fact that governments and armies all over the world use Balanced Scorecard techniques or Balanced Scorecard Software speaks volumes about the applications success. The army can embody a nation’s identity and because of the nature of their work, they are ultimately accountable to their country. As such, they have to meet their country’s defence objectives, sustain national interests and help in times of national emergencies. How they perform is therefore central – performance measurement has long played a key part for many armies but the development of sophisticated Balanced Scorecard Software offers an effective, affordable and cost-effective solution. In Canada for example, the Canadian army adopted Balanced Scorecard Software to help them adopt a more balanced approach. They chose a software solution that could handle the complexity of their organisation, which was still easy to use, flexible and cost-effective.

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