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Data Strategy: How To Profit From A World Of Big Data, Analytics And Artificial Intelligence

90% of today’s data was generated in the last two years and the amount of data we have available is predicted to double every two years. Data is an integral strategic asset for all businesses. Learn how to leverage this data and generate valuable insights from bestselling author and Big Data guru Bernard Marr.

The Intelligence Revolution: Transforming Your Business with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. No longer confined to the world of science fiction, AI has infiltrated the mainstream and is the new electricity for business. Bestselling author, Bernard Marr, shows you how to harness and integrate it with your business strategy.

Tech Trends In Practice: The 25 Technologies That Are Driving The 4th Industrial Revolution

Artificial Intelligence in Practice is a fascinating look into how companies use AI and machine learning to solve problems. Presenting 50 case studies of actual situations, this book demonstrates practical applications to issues faced by businesses around the globe. The rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence has expanded beyond research labs and computer science departments and made its way into the mainstream business environment.

Artificial Intelligence In Practice: How 50 Successful Companies Used Artificial Intelligence To Solve Problems

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are cited as the most important modern business trends to drive success. It is used in areas ranging from banking and finance to social media and marketing. This technology continues to provide innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes, sectors and industries. This engaging and topical book explores a wide range of cases illustrating how businesses use AI to boost performance, drive efficiency, analyse market preferences and many others.

Data-Driven HR: How To Use Analytics And Metrics To Drive Performance

Traditionally seen as a purely people function unconcerned with numbers, HR is now uniquely placed to use company data to drive performance, both of the people in the organization and the organization as a whole. Data-driven HR is a practical guide which enables HR professionals to leverage the value of the vast amount of data available at their fingertips. Covering how to identify the most useful sources of data, collect information in a transparent way that is in line with data protection requirements and turn this data into tangible insights, this book marks a turning point for the HR profession.

Big Data In Practice: How 45 Successful Companies Used Big Data To Deliver Extraordinary Results

Big Data is a game changer - not just the next new strategy but the tsunami disrupter that you have to know before your competition runs you over with it.

Many people understand the power and importance of Big Data but fail to use it effectively. Big Data in Practice showcases the current state of the art in Big Data, sharing insights into how a diverse group of companies are using Big Data and analytics to solve real–world problems.

Data Strategy: How To Profit From A World Of Big Data, Analytics And The Internet Of Things

Data is revolutionizing the way we all do business. Every business is now a data business and needs a robust Data Strategy. However less than 0.5% of all data is ever analysed and used, offering huge potential for organisations when trying to leverage this key strategic asset.

Key Performance Indicators For Dummies

Is your business on track to achieve success? Key Performance Indicators For Dummies covers the essential KPIs that are useful to all kinds of businesses, and includes more than 100 different ways leaders can monitor and drive performance in their organisations.

Big Data For Small Business For Dummies

Big Data For Small Business For Dummies helps you understand what big data actually is and how you can analyse and use it to improve your business. Free of confusing jargon and complemented with lots of step–by–step guidance and helpful advice, it quickly and painlessly helps you get the most from using big data in a small business. Business data has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, it was trapped away in overcrowded filing cabinets and on archaic floppy disks.

Key Business Analytics: The 60+ Business Analysis Tools Every Manager Needs To Know

Analytics are essential in any modern business. They help you make better decisions, develop your strategy and identify growth opportunities in business.

Key Business Analytics provides easy access to the most powerful analytics tools. Whether you are a busy manager, business analyst or data professional, you can unlock the insights behind the data and improve your business performance.

Big Data: Using SMART Big Data, Analytics And Metrics To Make Better Decisions And Improve Performance

There is so much buzz around big data. We all need to know what it is and how it works. But what will set you apart from the rest is actually knowing how to use big data to get solid, real–world business results and putting that in place to improve performance.

Big Data shows you how to implement the same practices that leading firms have used to access new dimensions of profitability. You′ll learn from clear explanations and countless examples how successful organisations large and small use the SMART model to get ahead.

25 Need-To-Know Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the essential metrics that allow us to track performance and navigate to success. This book outlines the 25 most important financial and non-financial KPIs everyone should know. It also includes 10 handy do's and don'ts of using KPIs.

The book has already won the prestigious 'Best Business Book' award from WH Smith and currently ranks as one of the top 10 business books in their UK stores.

Doing More With Less 2nd Edition

Public sector organisations are in one of the most challenging environments they have ever had to face as they bear much of the cost of the recession. More than ever before, public sector leaders need to instil strong performance improvement disciplines into their organisations that enable these leaders to fully understand: key outcomes and priority deliverables, how to allocate reduced financial resources and where to reduce costs and improve efficiencies without jeopardising service delivery.

Key Performance Indicators: The 75+ Measures Every Manager Needs To Know

Key Performance Indicators is an essential reference guide to these indispensable business evaluation tools. You can dip in and learn about each KPI as and when you need it or you can read the book as a whole to help complete your performance management framework, balanced scorecard and business intelligence strategy.

The Intelligent Company: Five Steps To Success With Evidence-Based Management

This latest book by best–selling management expert Bernard Marr, will equip you with a set of powerful skills that are vital for successful managers now and in the future. Increase your market value by gaining essential skills that are in high demand but in short supply.

Loaded with practical step–by–step guidance, simple tools and real life examples of how leading organizations such as Google, CocaCola, Capital One, Saatchi & Saatchi, Tesco, Yahoo, as well as Government Departments and Agencies have put the principles into practice.

Managing And Delivering Performance

Performance management is at the top of agendas in most government and public organisations, as well as many not-for-profit organisations. In this follow up to his successful book, Strategic Performance Management, the author focuses on the unique challenges public sector organisations face when tackling the issues of strategic performance management.

Strategic Performance Management

This best selling book on strategic performance management outlines a practical step-by-step approach to the topic. Using many real life case examples it shows how organisations can identify and map their strategy, design relevant and meaningful performance indicators, and more importantly how to use these indicators to extract real management insights.

Balanced Scorecards For The Public Sector

This new report will provide you with a thorough understanding of how this powerful management tool can rapidly improve performance and efficiency within public sector organisations. Packed with real-life examples and following a step-by-step logic, it sets out a best-practice framework to enable you to build and deploy a balanced scorecard system within your organisation, revealing the necessary measures and actions required to tackle the challenges ahead.

More With Less: Maximizing Value In The Public Sector

Value for money is about obtaining the maximum benefit with the resources available. While value for money decisions are a daily reality in all our lives were we are constantly judging between costs and benefits, this is a major focus and challenge for all public sector organisations.

Public sector organizations are experiencing one of the most challenging environments they have ever had to face as they bear much of the cost of the credit crunch. Across the world public sector pursues are shrinking as national Governments pay off the debt of averting global economies from the horrors of depression and deal with the budget deficits resulting from reduced tax-income during the recession.

Big Data Case Study Collection: 7 Amazing Companies That Really Get Big Data

This ebook contains 7 big data use cases and will give the reader a good insight into the ways big data is used in practice. Companies featured range from industry giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, GE, and Microsoft, to smaller businesses which have put big data at the centre of their business model, like Kaggle and Cornerstone.

Beyond The Big Data Buzz: How Data Is Disrupting Every Business In Every Industry In The World

This eBook looks at the practical impact Big Data is having on business and organisations in: Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Banking and Insurance, Education, Transport and Logistics, Agriculture and Farming, Energy, Government and Public Sector, Hospitalities, Hotels and Restaurants, Professional Services, Sports, Businesses built on data.

This eBook is a must read for anyone who would like a complete overview of what big data really means, industry by industry.

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