Doing More with Less 2nd edition

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Doing More with Less 2nd edition


Bernard Marr & James Creelman

Public sector organisations are in one of the most challenging environments they have ever had to face as they bear much of the cost of the recession. More than ever before, public sector leaders need to instil strong performance improvement disciplines into their organisations that enable these leaders to fully understand: key outcomes and priority deliverables, how to allocate reduced financial resources and where to reduce costs and improve efficiencies without jeopardising service delivery.

Written in an accessible and practical style, this fully-updated second edition addresses the efficiency drive using models, tools and ideas more commonly found in the corporate world, such as balanced scorecard and Lean. It also includes new case studies and real-life examples, from Audit Scotland, Belfast City Council, Brisbane City Council, City of Charlotte, Civil Service College (Singapore) FBI, NHS, Ministry of Works (Bahrain), Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the US Postal Service.


'An intriguing book...Someone should give George Osborne a copy.'

- Allister Heath, City A.M


"This book is a great piece of work which is right for our times. It is an excellent guide for everyone involved in strategy development and delivery in the new era of financial constraints."

-Robert W. Black, First Auditor General For Scotland (2000-2012)


"This is an excellent reference for those in the public sector who are responsible for good performance management. As a consumer of public sector services, I will be the ultimate beneficiary of this work."

-Dr David P. Norton, Co-Developer of the Balanced Scorecard; Director, Palladium Group


"A highly engaging and relevant book! Marr and Creelman are genius at making managing, reporting, and reviewing performance culture-focused, relevant, and fun in these changing times."

-Michelle McCusker, Head of Business Performance, NHS NW Collaborative Commercial Agency


"This book not only explains what good performance management can do for you, it makes it achievable. At a time when every public sector organisation is striving to be as efficient and as effective as possible, the principles within this book make it possible to adapt and to demonstrate value in even the most challenging times."

-Patricia Stead, Director, Planning and Performance, Arts Council England


"A 'must' for anyone trying to maintain and enhance their performance in very challenging times. This approach helps to clarify thinking, truly identify priorities, and align resources in a way that the whole organisation can understand."

-Gillian Porter, Head of Performance and Analysis, Durham Constabulary

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