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Performance management software – analysis and user interface

2 July 2021

User Interface of performance management software tools

You have to decide about your visualisation and performance management data presentation needs for the software application is. Applications vary between very graphical to more text and tables based. One of the most important aspects is the display of strategy maps and cause-and-effect relationships. We recommend going for interactive and dynamic visualisations, where the underlying data is linked to the different elements and where the connection means something.

Some performance management software tools just display graphics without any real data, drill-down, or impact analysis functionality. Dynamic maps allows you to use then as a powerful communication tool with traffic lighting and even the opportunity to mathematically test assumed relationships.

Analysis Functionality in Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software tools offer different levels of analysis capabilities, stretching from simple drill-down capabilities to multidimensional analysis, complex statistical functionality, forecasting and even simulations. Organisations that require more complex analysis functionality often have tools for this already in place and have to decide whether to integrate or replace those. Analysis functionality also includes the number of graphical displays (form bar charts to advanced 3-D charts). Requirements in terms of chats and graphs depend on the indicators the organisation tracks and their visualisation requirements. For this discussion it is especially important to include the business analysts in the discussion.

Technical Specifications for Performance Management Software

Any new piece of performance management software should support the existing desktop or network operating system. The technical requirements depend on the existing information and communication infrastructure in your organisation. For a strategic performance management application it can be important to be able to extract data from existing data sources. This can be a major obstacle for any implementation. It is a good idea to involve the IT department in the discussion about technical requirements.

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