What Are Examples Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

What Are Examples Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

By now most people recognise—even if they aren't entirely comfortable with the idea—that artificial intelligence is part of our everyday existence. In a Pew Research report, 72% of Americans expressed concern about machines carrying out tasks humans can do. Even with this level of uneasiness, most of us willingly use AI-powered devices for the conveniences they offer. But, there are likely many ways we aren’t even aware of that AI infiltrates our lives. So what are some of the products and services that are expected to help AI deliver $1.9 trillion in business value in 2019? To help close any awareness gap, take a look at this list of artificial intelligence examples we compiled—some you maybe knew existed but didn’t know AI was the magic behind it and others you might be surprised about.

What Are Examples Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Email Spam Filters

Email spam filters use machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, to learn which emails you don’t want or emails that might be dangerous to land in your inbox and filters them out. But that’s not the only AI activity in your inbox. Google recently introduced an AI-powered service called Smart Reply that creates short email message replies suggestions based on how you have responded to similar messages before.

Collaboration Tool Slack

Slack is a chat tool used by business teams and organisations for collaboration and communication. What many organisations likely don't realise is that Slack is using AI behind the scenes to analyse the data it collects about how each company and its employees use the tool. Then, they are developing enhancements to improve the productivity of people using it.

Teslas Learning from Other Teslas

Even though Elon Musk has ruffled some feathers in the AI world with his strong warnings regarding the negative impacts of the technology, his Tesla vehicles are all connected and can learn from one another. If one car effectively manoeuvres to avoid an obstacle in the road, the rest of the fleet will know how to do the exact same thing once software updates are delivered sharing that data. His team is still working on building a fully autonomous vehicle for our roadways, so AI is very much a part of his operation.

Video Games

Artificial intelligence has been part of video game platforms for years, but now its applications are becoming more sophisticated. In the games series Middle Earth, AI characters evolve based on their interaction with players. Today, any video game you play is powered by AI in some way.

Online Ads and Chatbots

If you think online ads are stalking you now, the technology is only getting more refined. Your actions, searches and activity are monitored online so that AI algorithms can serve up advertisements that are most likely going to resonate with you. This network is so effective that global spending on martech, the digital marketing industry, is expected to exceed $100 billion. Another way AI helps in marketing products and services is through chatbots. Drift, a marketing automation company, uses natural language processing and machine learning with chatbots to help businesses make sales and provide customer service more effectively.

AI Music Compositions

If you need some help focusing, relaxing, meditating or sleeping, you might want to try out Brain. Fm, "the most advanced AI music composer on the planet." ALL of the music on the service is created by AI, and it's tested for its results in creating music the brain craves in order to help you achieve your desired outcome. This isn't the only way AI is hitting the airwaves; music-making AI software is a valuable tool used by many in the music industry.

Discovering Drugs

Atomwise, a company that uses AI for drug discovery, illustrates the potential for AI to improve the results of businesses of all kinds. AI is part of the Atomwise team, but there are many humans in the effort including medicinal chemists, structural biologists and machine learning experts. The company is an excellent example of how artificial intelligence technology can augment and accelerate human efforts in the achievement of a goal. In this case, the company is helping provide insight so that medicines to fight some of the world's harshest diseases such as Ebola can be developed faster.

Artificial intelligence applications are all around us from the internet search algorithms to our Spotify channels to our virtual digital assistants. Many times, we are well aware that artificial intelligence is powering our tools, products and services, but it is also working behind the scenes in many other places we never realised.

For many more practical examples cheque out the AI case study library or the entire AI section of this website.



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