The Intelligent Company: Five Steps to Success With Evidence-Based Management

Essential Reading on Analytics and Fact-Based Decision-Making

The Intelligent Company: Five Steps to Success With Evidence-Based Management


Bernard Marr

Today′s most successful companies are Intelligent Companies that use the best available data to inform their decision making. This is called Evidence–Based Management and is one of the fastest growing business trends of our times.

Intelligent Companies bring together tools such as Business Intelligence, Analytics, Key Performance Indicators, Balanced Scorecards, Management Reporting and Strategic Decision Making to generate real competitive advantages.

As information and data volumes grow at explosive rates, the challenges of managing this information is turning into a losing battle for most companies and they end up drowning in data while thirsting for insights. This is made worse by the severe skills shortage in analytics, data presentation and communication.

This latest book by best–selling management expert Bernard Marr, will equip you with a set of powerful skills that are vital for successful managers now and in the future. Increase your market value by gaining essential skills that are in high demand but in short supply.

Loaded with practical step–by–step guidance, simple tools and real life examples of how leading organizations such as Google, CocaCola, Capital One, Saatchi & Saatchi, Tesco, Yahoo, as well as Government Departments and Agencies have put the principles into practice.

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The five steps to more intelligent decision making are:

Step 1: More intelligent strategies – by identifying strategic priorities and agreeing your real information needs

Step 2: More intelligent data – by creating relevant and meaningful performance indicators and qualitative management information liked back to your strategic information needs

Step 3: More intelligent insights – by using good evidence to test and prove ideas and by analysing the data to gain robust and reliable insights

Step 4: More intelligent communication – by creating informative and engaging management information packs and dashboards that provide the essential information, packaged in an easy–to–read way

Step 5: More intelligent decision making – by fostering an evidence–based culture of turning information into actionable knowledge and real decisions

This book is written for the practicing manager, it is easy to read and understand and the key points are illustrated using simple everyday analogies and examples. Not using the best available data to inform decisions might be a choice in good times, but when times are hard and competition is fierce it is a necessity.

Foreword by Thomas H. Davenport:

Management Guru Tom Davenport writes in his foreword to this book that companies that adopt the ideas and approaches outlined in this book will derive a competitive advantage.


Here is what some reviews have said

"Bernard Marr did it again! This outstanding and practical book will help your company become more intelligent and more successful. Marr takes the fields of business–intelligence, analytics and score carding to bring them together into a powerful and easy–to–follow 5–step framework. The Intelligent Company is THE must–read book of our times."

 - Bruno Aziza, Worldwide Strategy Lead, Microsoft Business Intelligence


"Book after book Bernard Marr is redefining the fundamentals of good business management. ′The Intelligent Company′ is a must read in these changing times and a reference you will want on your desk every day!"

 - Gabriel Bellenger, Accenture Strategy


Here is what some reviews have said

‘…provides an effective, simple and practical model…useful to all managers who need to make clear objective decisions.’

(Proffessional Manager, October 2010)


‘Bernard’s simple, step–by–step model offers managers a vital tool for analysing their business and improving performance.’

(Better Business Focus, August 2010).


‘Bernard Marr’s book is manna from heaven for those who prefer to base decisions on facts.’

(Quality World, October 2010).


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