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How Samsung Is Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

30 July 2021

At Samsung’s virtual AI forum conference in 2020, Samsung outlined a human-centric long-term vision for their artificial intelligence strategy. Their goal is to deliver purpose-built applications that provide better experiences for end-users.

Instead of pursuing gimmicky technology, Samsung wants to focus on personalization, to help consumers find products that fits their needs and their budgets, while still delivering experiences other brands do not.

How Samsung Is Using Artificial Intelligence AI | Bernard Marr

So how is Samsung doing today, with regard to its AI initiatives? Here's the latest on how Samsung is innovating in the AI space and following through on their commitment to having artificial intelligence at the center of their latest tech advancements.

AI in Samsung Smartphones

AI-enabled smartphone cameras have enhanced visual detection capability, which lets users take better photos and have more fun doing it.

Samsung cameras take better portrait photos by detecting faces and optimizing balance and exposure of skin tones in different lighting conditions. Phones can also assist with storage by grouping images in categories so you can find pictures more easily as you’re browsing.

Localized AI processors on some smartphone chips are also enabling more immersive and interactive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. By combining location information with lightning-fast object recognition, Samsung is providing more enriching experiences in the travel, education, and retail sectors.

Bixby, Samsung’s Virtual Assistant

Like other virtual assistants, Bixby makes our lives easier by performing tasks and answering questions by processing language and speech patterns from our requests.

Bixby features include things like:

  • Bixby Routines: Learning your unique patterns of behavior, and recommending an automated routine of tasks
  • Quick Command: When you set up a trigger command, Bixby carries out a series of tasks in a specific order. For example, you can set up a command called "bedtime routine" that will, e.g., share tomorrow’s weather report, set a morning alarm, and play a “winding down” playlist to lull you to sleep.
  • Manage your house: If your devices are connected to SmartThings, Bixby can do things like changing the TV channel, switch the lights on, and turn up your thermostat, and
  • Make better predictions: Based on the input it receives, Bixby can anticipate what you’ll need and make personalized suggestions.

The Rise of Household Robots

At January’s Consumer Electronics Expo, Samsung unveiled their new AI-powered household robot.

The Samsung Bot Handy, which is in development but not yet available for the commercial market, is designed to perform chores and provide a helping hand around your house. It can lighten the load for you by doing laundry and washing dishes, and even pour you a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

The company also revealed its AI-powered robotic vacuum, the JetBot 90AI+, which uses smart sensors and object recognition to navigate your home and provide a sparkling clean for your floors.

Smart TVs Keep Getting Smarter

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Samsung TVs can now offer viewers personalized content recommendations. Natural language processing also enables users to control their volume, channels, apps, and more using voice commands.

Machine learning also keeps improving the resolution of content on Samsung TVs. AI is able to upscale content from lower-resolution versions to 8k, to give viewers a more immersive resolution, providing a picture-perfect, clear viewing experience.

Driving Innovation with Samsung

Samsung is also advancing the development of autonomous and smart vehicles with developments like the Samsung AutoSSD.

AI technology in connected vehicles is keeping us safer by monitoring car parts for potential failures, detecting potential hazards, and keeping us from getting distracted or falling asleep at the wheel by monitoring our head position when we’re driving.

The future of technology is being transformed by the promise of AI and machine learning. As manufacturers like Samsung continually integrate AI in new and exciting ways to deliver better experiences for customers and stay relevant in an ultra-competitive market.

And as consumers, we get to benefit from all those innovations, from the road to the kitchen!

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