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Bernard Marr ist ein weltbekannter Futurist, Influencer und Vordenker in den Bereichen Wirtschaft und Technologie mit einer Leidenschaft für den Einsatz von Technologie zum Wohle der Menschheit. Er ist Bestsellerautor von 20 Büchern, schreibt eine regelmäßige Kolumne für Forbes und berät und coacht viele der weltweit bekanntesten Organisationen. Er hat über 2 Millionen Social-Media-Follower, 1 Million Newsletter-Abonnenten und wurde von LinkedIn als einer der Top-5-Business-Influencer der Welt und von Xing als Top Mind 2021 ausgezeichnet.

Bernards neueste Bücher sind ‘Künstliche Intelligenz im Unternehmen: Innovative Anwendungen in 50 Erfolgreichen Unternehmen’

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The Bathroom Of The Future: What Will It Look Like?

25 March 2022

You’ve got a smart thermostat and an intelligent security system…but did you know your bathroom can be decked out with the latest technical innovations, too? Find out more about the latest in smart bathroom appliances and gadgets.

The Bathroom Of The Future: What Will It Look Like? | Bernard Marr

The vast majority of new homeowners are looking for homes that have “smart innovations,” like the ability to control temperature, lights, and security from their phones.

But many people haven’t given much thought to one particular room in the house that also has a lot of potential for smart automation and other modern amenities  – the bathroom.

The latest bathroom innovations can not only save you money and time, but they can also improve your health and protect the environment.

Here are 6 of the latest bathroom gadgets appliances on the market today (or in development):

1. Smart Faucets

You can control water usage in your bathroom and save money with voice-activated intelligent faucets like the Moen Smart Faucet. There are four ways to turn on the water with the Moen faucet: Regular faucet handle, motion sensor, through a phone app, and via voice activation.

The faucet controls the flow rate and temperature of the water, enabling you to precisely control the output done to the tablespoon. For instance, when you wake up to feed your baby in the middle of the night, you could ask your faucet to fill a baby bottle with exactly 8 ounces of water at exactly 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Or ask it to give you exactly one liter of water to fill up a pitcher in the morning.

2. Water Monitors

The latest intelligent leak-detecting water monitors can help you spot hidden flaws like poor sealing and other problems in your water system. When your water monitor detects issues, it can alert you immediately with SMS or push notifications so you can address them quickly.

Smart water assistants like this from companies like Honeywell, Belkin, and Fibaro can not only save you money and give you peace of mind, they can send you regular reports about how you use water in your bathroom.

3. Water Recyclers

Smart recyclers can now take up to 95% of the water from your showers, washing machines, and air-conditioning system, and re-use it for things like flushing toilets in your home. Using a water recycler can not only contribute to keeping our community's water supply stable, but it can also save you up to 45% on your water bill. Look to companies like Hydraloop to explore smart water recycling options.

4. Chromatherapy Lighting

Get in the right mood for your nightly bath with the help of chromatherapy, which uses light and color to alter our mental and physical state. Modern bathrooms can incorporate high-intensity chromatherapy lights that come with multiple intensity, brightness, and color options.

For instance, Maax’s chromatherapy bathtubs not only change the color of your tub water, but they also provide a natural sensation of floatability with an innovative air injection system.

5. Bathroom Refrigerators

Perlick Corp, a company that specializes in high-end fridges for hotels, restaurants, and stadiums, has now developed Refrigerated Beauty Drawers designed specifically for bathrooms. These appliances are designed to store eco-friendly and organic personal care items like makeup, hair products, and lotions that require refrigeration to maintain shelf life.

6. Smart Toilets

Realtor.com surveyed over 2,000 Americans in December 2020 about their preference for smart home technology. Their results showed that smart toilets were the device people wanted most when they were renovating their bathroom.

Today’s smart toilets include features like:

  • Motion-sensing touch-free lids that open automatically
  • Night lights
  • Speakers for your favorite music
  • Seat warmers
  • Antimicrobial seats
  • Self-cleaning bowls
  • Deodorant spritzers
  • Hands-free bidet capabilities

The toilets of the future can also help reduce the risk of overflow and detect water levels, so every flush uses the only amount of water that is required.

Business Trends In Practice | Bernard Marr
Business Trends In Practice | Bernard Marr

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