Bernard Marr is a major social media influencer with nearly 2 million followers across a number of platforms. Bernard can provide a powerful lever for your content and your messages. He can help promote content, drive traffic and leads to your business and boost your brand.

Bernardís most successful network is LinkedIn, the most business-orientiated social network, where he has over 1.35million followers. In fact, LinkedIn voted Bernard the No 1 influencer in the UK and one of the top 5 influencers in the world. His content regularly gets 100s of thousands of views and many of his articles have had viewing numbers in the millions.

He is also very active on Twitter (110+k followers) and Facebook (175+k followers). His following is growing by about 1000 new followers per day and his latest focus is on growing his Instagram (18+k followers) and his YouTube channel.

Bernard is also a Keynote Author on SlideShare, where we shares most of his content and where it usually reaches between 10k and 100k views, with some reaching millions.

Bernard also publishes his content on this website and promotes it to his 120+k weekly newsletter subscribers.

Some of the most successful influencer campaigns have been a combination of content creation (writing) and promotions across all channels.

To discuss your requirements in more details, please contact Bernard here.

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