Strategy & Business Performance

Strategy & Business Performance

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In today’s busy and fast changing business world organisations need the right strategies to help them thrive and effective tools to help them deliver on their strategic ambitions. The most successful businesses today develop strategies that will help them face the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution and use leading strategy and planning tools to help them develop, monitor and deliver great strategies.

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On this topic page you can find many relevant articles and case studies on subjects such as Plan-on-a-Page, Strategy Maps, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Balanced Scorecards and more that should help you gain an insight into some of the leading strategy and business performance tools available to organisations today.

Bernard Marr has worked with many of the world’s leading businesses and government organisations helping them refine their strategies and putting in place tools to better manage the execution of their strategies. Get in touch if you would like to explore consulting engagements or in-house training programmes on any of these topics.

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