Used along-side effective strategic planning, the right KPIs and business metrics act as essential navigation tools that help organisations understand how well they are doing in delivering on their strategic goals. If managers don’t want to fly blind, then they require relevant and meaningful business measures to inform their decision-making.

Modern business metrics are vastly different from the static, backwards-looking KPIs of yesteryear. On this topic page you can find many relevant articles and case studies that will give you a state-of-the-art overview of subjects such as KPIsKey Performance QuestionsBI Dashboards, and Performance Reporting.

Bernard Marr has worked with many of the world’s leading businesses and government organisations helping them develop modern business metrics. Get in touch if you would like to explore consulting engagements or in-house training programmes on any of these topics.

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The challenge today is not to find more business metrics but to narrow down the most relevant and meaningful ones for your business. To help with this Bernard Marr has created a library of best practice KPIs to help you find the right metrics for your business. Explore his KPI library at your leisure.

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The 6 Best Examples Of Purposeful Businesses

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